Saturday, July 27, 2019

I do love traditional cookies, don't you?

Nowadays, abundant products are made from several preservatives that cause serious problems for health. These dangerous ingredients can be easily found in candies, snacks, cakes, and cookies. Do not get worried since not all foods contain food colorings, yet in order to distinguish the good and the bad one is quite challenging. You have to equip yourself with good knowledge so you will not be mistaken. What can you do? Yap, as a recommendation, you can choose traditional cookies and Danisa traditional butter cookies at the top of the list. 

My lovely Danisa traditional butter cookies ~ (credit photo:

I do love cookies. So much, like a lot. I bet cookies become everyone’s best friend. Yes, I did, since I was a child.  Enjoying the Danisa traditional butter cookies is a great idea. Seeing that this traditional butter cookie is not made of the mentioned dangerous ingredients, so it is exceptionally safe when consuming the good number of the cookies. Then, dealing with the question of why it should be traditional cookies? Yap, because I love it. lol. The next question comes up, why do I love traditional cookies?

Traditional is associated with something old-fashioned thing, isn’t it? Well, traditional does not always bring bad perception, yet it has two profound meanings.

1. It is about the legacy of the old generation
When you come to the decision for choosing Danisa traditional butter cookies, you will not be considered to be an old-fashioned person, yet it refers to the legacy. People should reserve because legacy means everything. Moreover, the traditional cookies always preserve the original taste and flavor.

It's a legacy! (credit photo:
2. Traditional means less synthetic food colors
If the Danisa traditional butter cookies are compared to the modern cookies which sold in the stores, you will know that most cookies with the new brand are always made of the finest ingredients with some preservatives. The role of preservatives may harm your health, thus you have to be aware of it.

Danisa traditional butter cookies are the best option when you want to enjoy the luscious taste of traditional cookies. These butter cookies are not made of artificial ingredients and colors, so relax it will not put your life in danger. If you do need to give your friend a gift or want to celebrate special moments, you can take the advantages of this Danisa traditional butter cookies as remarkable presents. Danisa traditional butter cookies are the best choice ever! Give it try ~

Give it a try for a luscious taste of traditional cookies ~ (credit photo:


  1. Aaaaakkk my favorite!!!
    Aku suka semuanya kecuali yg pake kismis :D
    Enak banget. Lembut. Manis tapi gak terlalu.
    Pas lah kalo dimakan sore-sore bareng teh...

    You took very good photos too!!

  2. Duh jad kangen lebaran euy, hahaha. Salam kenal mbak

  3. Roti ini lembut sekali teksturnya. Renyah jadinya.

  4. Yummy!
    I like Danisa cookies, because its ingredient is butter. Wanginya beda.

  5. Cookies lebaran๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜, emang mengingatkan sama masa kecil.....
    Bahannya juga nggak neko-neko...

  6. makanya ditemani teh hanget sore2 mantep nih