Saturday, November 10, 2018

Let it go.

Me. Enjoying my me time. Healing time with no-end lab things. I am happy, trying to enjoy everything here. All will be fine even though not surely fine. 

Dealing with things that really are hard to let go. Stuck, while my life keeps turning on. Move on is not that easy. It's never easy.

Still, not okay also okay. Just need time to mend all the broken parts. I hate my self, I hate for being like this for too long. I should stop, but when I push my self to stop, to let go, more I remember if it is hurt to let go. Definitely, it is not the true meaning of letting go. 

Let go means forgive. Recognize that what happened in the past never be the same again. So what's the purpose to keep the things that could not be changed? 

Time heals everything. Maybe just need time till all this hurt not feeling hurt anymore. Till the time comes, I thought I will hard to love again. 

I know, love never hurts. Someone who doesn't know how to love hurt you. True love never tears down, it always builds up. I should know my worth and I should let this go. 

It's fine if not now, but remember time is limited. I don't have enough time, I do know, but I keep making excuses. Make this time feel even harder. After all, life always hard but I still have many reasons to be grateful for. Grateful for still have a chance living this life. So live this life to the fullest! 

Nothing last forever ~
Let go, slow but sure. Keep making progress, small progress still a progress, isn't it?
It's fine and it will be fine Lucy. Live the moments, hard times will past, soon. 


  1. The sun will shine after a big storm..

  2. "Hard times will past, soon." Ya ampun ku tertegun bacanya. Semoga hal-hal pahit segera cepat berlalu, yaaa.

  3. "Time heals everything. Maybe just need time till all this hurt not feeling hurt anymore."

    Time heals the wound, but some wounds leave scars even when it has healed already.

    Letting go is surely easier to say than to be done. Accepting the past to prepare the brighter future, indeed takes lot of efforts.'s worth for.

    Tough times never last. Tough people do.