Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Surely, I will.

Dear my dearest Lucy,

Many times will come when you hate the journey that you've chosen. When you are so close to giving up or when you want to quit. Being persistence seems essential, to stay even stronger for the pathways that you are struggling for so long. As you are facing hard challenges, you feel like many things do not go your way. It actually prepares you for the next step, to level up yourself. To excel your self-quality. 

It is good to feel and to be grateful that every single day you get a little bit better. Every single month you move closer towards your dreams. You have been struggling this far. Make sure, you are making progress, continuously keep moving forward. 

Nothing perfect, so are you. But you should keep in mind you are worthy of love. Nothing wrong with you. You deserve better than your past, let it go. Let the past go. You are more than your past mistakes and I promise you, you are so worthy. You are not broken Lucy, you are just being called back closer to Allah.

Listen to me! You just waste your time. Still stuck on your past while it is definitely impossible to be fixed. What did not work out or was (should) removed out from your life only made space for new blessings to come. Don't stress what's gone. Enough, it's too long hang on to this. You should ready to welcome newness. Love yourself!

Look at your family and your true friends. They really sincere to be with you. No matter the distance or many reasons that could make them just leave you alone. They never stop support you. They deserve to see you on top, to see you happy with all the things you struggle till now. Promise me, you never quit this journey and you will keep making the story! 

Promise me, Lucy. You will never quit before you done it perfectly.
Someday, all your broken pieces will heal.
I know it's hard but this shall pass too.

You always have Allah with you, don't worry!

Your other half

Nothing lasts forever Lucy, stay strong!

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