Friday, July 12, 2013

Amazing Adventure- Ranu Kumbolo Trip with ITS IO ^^

Ranu Kumbolo is a lake of 18 hectares located in the 2400 meters above sea levels that had an outstanding views. It is the heaven of  Mahameru Mountain which usually become a resting place for hikers who just came from Mahameru. That marvellous views and crystals lake water of Ranu Kumbolo made ITS International take chance to have outstanding ITS International Office Teamwork Improvement on 6-7 July 2013. 

We had prepared all we need to be brought to Ranu Kumbolo since a week ago. "Teamwork-Trust-Leadership-Courage" is the theme that really evoked our passion in passing steep terrain to Ranu Kumbolo. We have divided into 7 teams and 1 team for the staffs. Each team consists of 6-7 persons with. Each team had one captain who responsible with all of team member.

We started our awesome adventure on July, 6th 2013 at 03.00 am and gathered in front of Rectorate Building. For this journey, we have chosen  the route via Malang and rent a hardtop or truck in Tumpang village. During the journey to reach Ranu Pani, we got some beautiful scenery of Teletubbies hill and took some pictures over there. We reached ranu paning at 10.05 am and got our breakfast first to charge energy before start hiking. 

before start hiking ^^
We started to hike at 10.30 am. It took 6 hours. Actually, 3-4 hours is the normal time. But, it was fun hiking. We had 10,5 km to reach Ranu Kumbolo. Each team had their own way to charge their spirit during the journey. We strove to reached the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo. 

Finally, Ranu Kumbolo :D
Pitch a tent :D
That was truly amazing when we saw colourful tent that decorate areas around the lake. Some of us have already pitch a tent and did their activities like prepared for dinner, praying or just took some photos.

Ranu Kumbolo have relatively extreme temperatures. At the night, it was so cold. Some of us  choose to keep in tent, have bon fire time, have truth or dare games or just saw the sky sparkling with thousand of stars. Performance and Story telling time was canceled caused of the temperature was decreased a lot. The temperature was about -4° C.

On July, 7th 2013. It began with a beautiful sunrise. It was like being in heaven. Great views of beautiful sun rises between two hills and shine bright gave a reflection of tent around the lake. The cold sting that we felt last night was get warm. Warmed by the sun is out and also offer friendship. We greeted each other, cooked for breakfast together or just shared tea and coffee.
cooking together ^^
breakfast together :D

We got free time until 08.00 am and can have a go to try Tanjakan Cinta and saw Oro-oro ombo. We must have struggle to passed through Tanjakan Cinta. It caused of the land so steepness abou 500 metres.  After we reached the top of tanjakan cinta, we saw a beautiful savana that full of lavender. It was so marvellous views of oro-oro ombo that surounded by hills and mountain.Other of all those beautiful facts described that Ranu Kumbolo is one of the place that can make us smile, grateful, give thanks to god and appreciate life more. 

Beauty of Oro-oro Ombo :D

with Mbak Bungaaa ^^ Yuhuuu
Nice pict all :D :p
About 09.00 am, we gathered to have brifing with the Head of IO, Mrs. Maria. We got some jobdesk distribution about Darmasiswa Activities. Nice closing from Mrs. Maria “Nature teaches us something that we don't get from human “. Keep moving forward !

Team 3. Asiikkk :D
Here are testimonials from ITS IO crew :D

Our adventure in Semeru was so amazing, magnificent. Many obstacles and barriers, but it would never stop us to reach our goal, our dreams. And so our life, it's still a long journey to go. Let's go through together, make it better, and everlasting ever! Keep moving forward ITS International Office – Anton Frian

Bittersweet as chocolate. lots of sweetness memories and sweat. turning point to embrace each other – Romanria Violina

Being in "Ranu Kumbolo" is such a great chance to live in the beautiful places, the air is so clean and fresh. So many natural things that taught us how to live the life. And the beautiful places of Ranu Kumbolo will always make you believe in the existing of God :D – Rizal Yuniar Malawi

Trip to Ranu Kumbolo was a complete package of a great journey. With friends around who always supported each other to keep on moving have made us closer and stronger. Together with you guys, I could finally got what I want, to see the wide green land and infinite blue sky. And I am so grateful I could be involved in this journey. A journey that I will always remember – Rachmasari

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