Saturday, June 4, 2016

#ayvpsick Bring me back to Krakor!

Time flies so fast. Almost one year, the ayvp eco leaders ended and gave lots of blissful moments to remember. Now, I do miss krakor a lot, all the ayvp delegates, the atmosphere and spirit of ASEAN-youth. Bring me back to krakor, please!

After Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day with AYVP Delegates
Life is truly worth living, with every surprised which made me ups and downs. I always believe, everything happen for a reason and God is the best planners ever. Joyful, happiness, painful or even the saddest feeling in this life happened for some reasons behind. I felt so grateful to be a part of ayvp - awesome program. The first volunteering program which successfully thought me to be tougher than before. Incredibly empowered me inside. 

I am sure, I don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross my path for a reason. 10 different countries as the member of ASEAN were gathering and bring mission to be the real Eco – Leaders. Dare to share knowledge and raising awareness towards some positive changes. Bridging all the differences and working hard for community. In the program, I totally excited to share about ASEAN identity to the local community in Krakor Floating Village through some interesting games. The games were originally made for addressing some knowledge about ASEAN and all of the countries member.

Playing with Kids in Karokor.
I was part of Chicken team with 9 others chicken warriors. The team leader was Thany and we usually called her "Mamu". Friendly, loveable, smart and always full of spirit. The other members are Princess Sarah (kind hearted, always act like a princess :)), Jels (my best friend, i do love to go to her room and had long chitchats until midnight), Rabi (she is incredibly sweet with her kindness), Phuc (she is so nice and funny :p), Abang Rico (my best abang ever, smart, funny, multitalent. miss you abang :'(), Luis (he always has powerful ideas about sing and dance, a bit noisy caused he always called me baby -_-), channy (great buddy ever, thank you for the hospitality service), ying ying (smart, cool and so logic :)).

Team Awesome Chicken with some new members :p (Novi, Fibri). They are truly awesome!
Sharing with Local Community

Distributing Ceramic Water Filter at Commune Hall
Other interesting part in this program was sharing knowledge about hygiene education to elementary school students. It such an incredible chance to share one of important thing to get healthy life. Chicken warriors and I were sharing the importance to do hand washing and how to wash hands properly. I really happy seeing their excitement while following each instruction. They do aware with the importance of hand washing. We did practice and demonstrate about seven ways to do hand washing properly by singing happy birthday song and they did it very well. I am really grateful when seeing their spirit to learn and never give up with the conditions. How amazing they are!

I got some blissful moments here and thanks God for all the amazing things that were happening. I learned many new things from local community. Their life are so simple. They keep living in the floating village with some hard conditions like flood, clean water scarcity, bad sanitation, difficult access to move one house to another, or even some diseases might be attack them. They keep their life going on. So tough! They keep surviving in the village even though should go so far away to get clean water. Some of them do aware with the importance of having clean water to be used in daily activity such as cooking, showering, washing clothes or dishes. However, some of them seems to ignore and keep using the water from the lake for daily use. In the program, we were distributing ceramic water filter to community hall of krakor village, some schools and local community in the village.

I did really impress with Kim Rethy, 17 years old , 10th grade senior high school student. He surprised me when he introduced himself in English when we were distributing hygiene kits at his home. Probably, he is one of few kind of guys in Krakor Floating Village which got high education and keep improving himself to learn English. He shared us about his ambitions. He wants to be a good teacher and educate others. He has a good principe that education is important to find jobs and get chance to have better life. He also wants to be a lawyer to protect himself and others from violence or any crimes that might be happened. How awesome. He dares to dream and make big changes in the future.
Glimpse of happiness in Krakor, and I do want to throw back to the past and get some conversations with them. Another things, i got some precious moments during AYVP Program. Me and other delegations from Indonesia won Video Competition among ASEAN countries and got honour to play angklung in closing ceremony of AYVP - Eco Leaders 2015. Surely, I am proud to be Indonesian. It was truly made me love Indonesia more and more. Jaya Indonesia!

The story of Krakor Floating Village, Cambodia (Credits: Indonesia Team AYVP 2015) 

AYVP Taught Me (Credits: Indonesia Team AYVP 2015)

AYVP- Eco Leaders 2015, Thank you for everything!

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